Oliver Wolf

2013 pastandfuture
To promote the then upcoming LP Universium, I created a landing page for my former band, pastandfuture. The original version used the Twitter API to fetch the latest tweets, which are replicated in plain HTML
2014-2016 highway
Highway is a magazine about music culture, offering a different take on how people perceive music. The website is based on wordpress.
highway magazine
2016 phofo
Phofo is an experiment using HTML5 canvas that let's the user apply various filters to images or photos taken via the webcam.
2017 vue-search
I started learning Vue this year and as part of my learning process I created various components from scratch to become more familiar with it. This search component uses the itunes API to fetch artist names, album titles, album covers and a link to the Apple music store.
2017 react-modal
This modal was created in React and consists of three sub components, Heading, Overlay and Signup. It uses styled components for styling purposes.